HTFF Maverik Rome RX3 Glove

Hit the field Friday – Maverik Rome RX3 Gloves

For this edition of Hit the Field Friday, we are going to look into the construction of the all-new Maverik Rome RX3 glove and discuss how it provides an unmatched level of protection.

Designed for speed, the Rome RX3 glove, like the Rome NXT glove, features a tight, close to hand fit. Maverik’s anatomical SPEED FIT Profile allows for very natural movement when wearing the gloves. Having the tighter fit also means that the gloves will not be sliding around during a game as they become moist from sweat. This ensures that the areas meant to be protected will remain protected at all times.

Maverik Rome RX3 Poron XRD

The most important feature built into these gloves that sets them apart from the rest is the inclusion of Maverik’s exclusive Poron XRD foam. If you are not familiar with Poron XRD, it is a revolutionary impact absorption material that reacts based on the level of force it receives. So depending on how hard someone lays a check on your glove, the Poron XRD material will react by stiffening up and deflecting the blow. When no sudden pressure is applied, the foam will remain soft and flexible which helps improve the glove’s overall mobility. Maverik specifically built this extraordinary material into the thumb and forefinger of the glove as that area has been shown to experience the most damage. For all those attackmen and offensive midfielders who are apt to one-handed cradling, this technology will be heaven sent as your defensemen will be aiming for that exact spot.


Some other great features in the Rome RX3 gloves are the QUATTRO+ PALM powered by Ax Suede and the FLOWCOOL venting on the back of the hand. Both features enhance the overall comfort of the gloves allowing you to worry about one less thing on the field.

Mav Rome RX3 Gloves

Stay protected and maximize your game with a new pair of Maverik Rome RX3 gloves from LACROSSE.COM today. To also enjoy the benefits of the Poron XRD technology, make sure to check out the full line of Rome RX3 protection from Maverik.