HTFF Brine Triumph III Glove

Hit the Field Friday – Brine Triumph III Gloves

For this week’s edition of Hit the Field Friday, we are trying on a pair of the new Brine Triumph III gloves and giving them a test run.

Brine Triumph III Glove

The Brine Triumph line of equipment is known for being undoubtedly sturdy and dependable, and able to withstand anything thrown at it. The Triumph III gloves continue that tradition as they have been introduced as a new standard in lightweight protection. The most noticeable improvement on the 3rd iteration of these gloves is the backhand and thumb construction which features Brine’s Aeroshield foam and Skylight cap inserts. These two materials combine to create a comfortable, lightweight backhand that also provides stiff protection. Aesthetically, the way these materials are displayed give the glove a bold yet very sleek appeal. This technology will provide those defensemen and attackmen trustworthy protection when faced with a barrage of stick checks without slowing them down with bulky pads.

Brine Triumph III Glove

Other key features to the Triumph III gloves are the patented Truvent technology as well as the Ventilator Chill liner. Truvent technology can be found on the palm and back hand of the glove in between the Aerofoam padding. It provides increased airflow to your hands. To top it off, the Ventilator Chill liner wicks moisture and keeps your hands cool and dry during those long hot spring practices.

If you’re a defenseman that carries the ball across field and sees your fair share of stick checks or an attackman that lives on the crease in the middle of the action, the Triumph III gloves will give you the undeniable protection you require. Make sure to pick up your pair of Brine Triumph III gloves from LACROSSE.COM today.