Command Pro vs Engage Gloves

Head to Head – Under Armour Command Pro vs Engage Gloves

At its core, Under Armour is an apparel company that provides products to help regulate your body temperature and improve your overall performance as an athlete. These very principals are built into each piece of lacrosse equipment they manufacture, from their sticks to the cleats and protective equipment. Today in our Head to Head comparison review we want to focus on their two newest additions to their glove line up, the Command Pro and the Engage. To dive into these two gloves further, we are going to compare their looks, their featured technology and the types of players they are best suited for.

Command Pro vs Engage Gloves

The Look

The new Command Pros come in with a very familiar look to its previous model, the Command’s, but they are constructed in a completely new way to fit the needs of today’s player. From an aesthetics stand point, these gloves clearly show off a tighter fit with a slew of break points that will allow your hands to move freely. The Engage gloves on the other hand, no pun intended, show off a slightly wider look that appears to hold more padding. Again, these gloves have multiple break points, especially in the knuckle region that will provide a tremendous amount of flexibility. Both of these gloves feature a very clean two tone design with the fingers remaining white while the back hand alternates colors to suit your style and team. This design moves right along with the trends we are seeing in equipment and that is a cleaner look with more solid base colors such as white, grey and black.

Command Pro Glove

The Featured Technology

Both the Command Pro and Engage gloves very clearly show progression in Under Armour protective equipment. Some previous critiques you may have heard about their gloves were that they were too wide and too bulky, and with their 2016 glove line they have worked to dispel the criticism. Similar to its previous model, the Command Pro’s stress flexibility with its single suspension pad on the backhand that elongates when the hand is bent and in motion. This technology helps the glove move with you, making your game play more seamless. The Engage gloves then take things to another level as they introduce their latest Duel-Compression suspension padding. Taking lessons from the Command Pro, the Engage gloves realizes that your whole hand doesn’t always move in unison which is why they have split up the suspension padding into two side by side sections that will help each area of your hands move openly.

Engage Glove

The Player Type

We’ve mentioned it before and we’ll mention it again, Under Armour has progressed dramatically when it comes to technology, style and fit in their new glove line. Though both the Command Pro and the Engage glove are top of the line, they may not fit everyone’s playing style. The Command Pro for instance emphasizes their new tighter fit which brings the glove closer to the hand. The narrower silhouette and less visible padding on these gloves will tend to suit those players who run the field, don’t get caught up in a lot of on field battles and value the lightweight feel. The Engage gloves adversely present a wider look with more padding but still a high level of flexibility. Those gloves would suit the players that find themselves in tight situations where they need to make precision plays while dealing with a defensive onslaught. There is a reason you will see a good amount of NLL players using the Engage gloves because they provide the protection and mobility needed for such a physical game.


Under Armour continues to improve and impress with their protective equipment and the new Command Pro and Engage gloves truly lead the way. We hope this helps you decide between the two so you can pick up a new pair today from LACROSSE.COM.