Gear Review: Under Armour VFT Protection Line

Under Armour has only started making lacrosse equipment a few years ago, but their new VFT protection line-up provides a level of protection and innovation that shows they have done their research. These shoulder and elbow pads come packed with Under Armours new Vented Flex Technology, hence the VFT name, which helps to create channeled airflow throughout the piece of equipment so your body stays cool and your gear stays fresh. Their VFT approach also improves the adjustability of the equipment allowing for a more natural movement when wearing the gear. Under Armour athlete, Ohio Machine and Team USA player, Steele Stanwick loves how lightweight and comfortable the VFT protection line, making it a highly recommended set up for any player out there looking to get the most out of their equipment.


VFT Shoulder Pad

The shoulder pad in the VFT line-up was designed with a “Molded Skin” technology from top to bottom which focuses on improving the overall flexibility of the pads while lightening the load to make your movements even more natural. Whether you’re a defenseman looking for more flexibility or an attackman looking for more protection, the VFT shoulder pads can customize to your game with detachable shoulder caps and bicep pads giving you the level of versatility you’re looking for. No matter how you customize your gear, these pads are packed with high-impact dual density padding that will keep you protected under any circumstance. If the flexibility and protection weren’t enough, these pads are lined with Internal HeatGear technology from Under Armour delivering world-class moisture transport.


VFT Arm Pad

Similar to the shoulder pads, the VFT arm pad is designed with the “Molder Skin” technology that will allow your arms to move and flex more naturally on the field. This arm pad is centered by an injection molded floating elbow cap that is constructed to keep the key areas on the elbow safe without hindering flexibility. When you slide these pads on, you’ll notice the new turf sleeve material from UnderArmour, lined with Internal HeatGear technology that will provide you with unmatchable comfort and resilience.



To sum things up, the key to a great protective line is finding the right balance between flexibility and padding and the VFT line from under Armour does a fantastic job with that. With the customizable features of the shoulder pads, they lend themselves to be a great asset for any player on the field. The elbow pad on the other hand is slightly shorter than most elbow pads so we would recommend these to any and all midfielders.