Attack Drill with Mark Millon

Coaching Drill – Attack Drill with Mark Millon

Not only has Mark Millon made a name for himself with his impressive playing resume, but he has become one of the most notable lacrosse instructors in the game. From his Offensive Wizardry video to his camps hosted around the country, Millon has impacted countless players for years now.

In our latest coaching drill, Millon runs us through a simple attack drill that simulates real game play. Splitting your team into two lines, the attackmen will stay behind the cage at X while your midfielder will collect at the top of the box. The attackman will then drive from behind the goal working on their split or roll dodge to which then they’ll hit a zig zag to create separation from their defenseman. Once they have that separation, they’ll look to make the pass to the cutting midfielder who will then bury the rock. Dodge, re-dodge and pass. Fundamentals taught by the games best to ever do it.

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