Approach & React Drill

Coaching Drill – Approach & React Drill with Trilogy Lacrosse

For this month’s coaching drill, Trilogy Lacrosse runs us through their Approach & React drill. This drill offers an opportunity to work with both offense and defense in a game-like situation. This drill can be run with your whole team or split up into smaller groups that include both offensive and defensive players.

To break down this drill, you will want to separate you offensive and defensive players into two lines that face each other about 20 yards apart. The balls will start with the defensemen as they pass in to the coach who will be standing between the two lines off to the side. The coach will quickly then pass off the rock to the offensive player to initiate the drill.

For the defensive players

This drill will provide a game-like scenario pushing you to react as the offensive player you are covering receives the ball. As the offensive player gains possession of the ball, they will look to improve their spacing and angle in order to get a shot on cage. Your goal is to halt their momentum as soon as possible while pushing them outside of their shooting zone. You will accomplish this by meeting the offensive player with a poke check or stick lift while also using your body to guide them down the alley and away from the goal.

For the offensive players

This drill will test your speed and versatility as an offensive player reacting to oncoming defensive pressure. As soon as you receive the ball, the defenseman will run up on you forcing you to quickly analyze their position and react to it in order to gain top side. Your ultimate goal is to gain a step on your defenseman to get a shot on cage. During this drill you will want to work on your various dodges while also working on your hitch step and roll back techniques in case your defenseman comes in aggressively.

For the coaches

The Approach & React drill will utilize both sides of the field in a game-like scenario so it will be important to keep the pace up and encourage your players to treat it like a real game. If they have a step on their defender right off the pass, they should shoot it. If not, they will need to work on their dodges while making sure they are moving forward towards the goal and not getting hung up running roll dodge after roll dodge. The faster your players get through the drill the better so that their reaction speed will increase when it comes to game day.


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