Club Profile: ADVNC


Club Name: ADVNCLacrosse



Club Director(s): ChrisRotelli


2014Schedule (KeyEventsParticipating):



History of Club:

Founded in 2012 by Tewarraton Award Winner Chris Rotelli.Advnc was created to help aspiring lacrosse players in Northern California pursue and reach their goals.


Team Make-Up:

Northern California. Specifically the San Fransisco and Sacramento areas.


Noted Accomplishments [Top Honors or Tournament Finishes,2013]:

ADVNC2014 Team-Champions of Adrenaline Challenge 2013 and2014,ADVNC2014 Team-Champions of Adrenaline Challenge 2013


Quote from Club Director:

Our goal is to maximize player potential and increase their enjoyment of the game.

Top 2015Players:

Name:Will Tully

Position: Defense


Tall, agressive LSM who is great on gb’s and can play close D as well.

Future College: uncommitted

Name:Haydon Holland



tough middie who is great on FO and excellen to ngb’s


Future College: uncommitted



Top 2016 Players:



Name: Jared Bear

Position: Defense



Description (Whatkind of player arethey?Strengths and style):










Description (Whatkind of player arethey?Strengths and style):

thebestFOplayerinthisclassinNorCalrightnow.Maybethebest2016 FOintheWest.Hegoes50/50with2014 FOguysJoshWellmanwhoisheaded toPennStatenextyear.Tough,fast,agressive,andverysmartandhard FutureCollege:uncommitted



Top 2017 Players:

Name: David Peterson


Position: Defense




very smart and athletic Dor LSM. great checks,excellen to ngb’s, and very smart team or individual defenseman.


Future College:uncommitted


Name: Rowan Hart


Position: Attack


Description (Whatkind of player arethey?Strengths and style):

work horse, attack man who does it all. very tough, can do it all and has an engine that burns hot.


Future College:uncommitted


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