Buying Guide for Intermediate Lacrosse Players

You’ve been playing lacrosse for a few years now and it’s time to step up to the next level. Whether you are just starting your High School career or beginning to play in a more competitive club league, it’s important to get new gear that will help enhance your game.

There will be an urge to get the latest and greatest elite level equipment, but we highly recommend a more gradual approach to the big leagues. Many brands like STX and Maverik understand this and have purposefully designed gear that is packed with just as much technology as the elite equipment but with a more welcoming approach to the game and more agreeable price point. Although you are now starting to get a handle on the fundamentals of the game, intermediate gear will help you take the next step up without hindering your learning process.


Men’s Buying Guide

Intermediate Sticks

As a beginner not knowing whether you might commit to lacrosse or not, you’d want to invest in a relatively inexpensive complete stick that is ready to play with from the start. Moving up to the intermediate level it is time to upgrade that investment. This means you might have a better idea of your playing preferences and are ready to mix and match heads and handles to best suit your game. But if not, there are still some fantastic complete sticks for intermediate players that are built for a more advanced game.


Heads: More than likely you have a better idea of what position you want to commit to, so it’s time to start looking for equipment designed for that position. For defensemen, you’ll want to look into heads that are stiffer and wider to help you grab ground balls with ease. Attackmen will then require a head that may be narrower to provide more hold allowing you to maintain possession when a defenseman is checking your stick. Midfielders will then look for something in between where they are still stiff enough to lay checks on the defensive end, yet pinched enough to give you more accuracy and control on the offensive side. Keep in mind, at this level the heads will most commonly come unstrung so you will need to find out how you can get it strung. Whether you want to string it yourself or leave it up to the pros, we have plenty of stringing supplies but also offer professionally strung heads with our Player Pocket service.



Shafts: Lacrosse heads are designed to fit specific positions and playing styles, but those specifications may not be as apparent when buying a shaft. That being said, there is one thing that you will really want to consider as an intermediate player and that is the shaft material or metal type. Most beginner complete sticks will come with a 7000 grade alloy which is very light but not very durable. That is great for beginners but as you step up your game you will need something that can handle more damage which is why we would suggest shafts made of 9000 grade alloy or Scandium. Both materials are still very light but will last season over season. You may want to also consider a stiffer carbon fiber shaft that will play like an alloy handle yet start to give the benefits of carbon fiber.



Complete Sticks: As an intermediate player, it may seem like the time to ditch a complete stick. But, if you are not familiar with the art of stringing or have resources to provide a well strung head, you may want to consider these great completes that will get the job done.



Intermediate Protective Equipment

So, you’ve started to outgrow your beginner set of protective equipment and need to move up to some newer gear. There are two things to consider here and those are sizing and price. Everyone grows at different rates so some players may be fine continuing to player in their starter set while others will need much bigger equipment. If you’re shopping online at LACROSSE.COM, grab a measuring tape and check out our sizing guide to help make sure you are purchasing the right gear. If you order some new equipment and it ends up not fitting, no problem you can send it back as we offer free returns.

It may be hard to identify intermediate level protective equipment because there is not a large selection of it. That is where price point comes into play. You can easily tell what an intermediate level piece of equipment is by looking at the price as they can range from $20 to $175. The intermediate level will land around $40 to $85 depending on the piece of equipment.



Women’s Buying Guide

Intermediate Sticks

At the intermediate level in the women’s game, you will start to focus more on a specific position on field. Similar to the men’s game, equipment manufacturers have started to tailor their equipment to those positions and specific styles of play. Along with that, you will want to start to consider some of your own personal preferences when it comes to your lacrosse stick. Some things to consider on a preference level would be the diameter of the handle (7/8ths inch or 1 inch), composite handle versus alloy handle and the style of pocket.

There are a few intermediate level sticks on the market that provide a smooth transition to the elite level of the game. At the intermediate level you will still find a lot of alloy handles but will be introduced to more textured and rubberized grips as well as composite shafts. When it comes to the pockets that is where you will notice the most upgrades. These pockets will feature lighter and stronger materials which will more closely represent elite level sticks. But, above all else, take time to consider your commitment to the sport and your budget because intermediate sticks can range from $70 to $110.




When it comes to buying new goggles for intermediate women’s players, you will want to focus all of your attention to fit and comfort. There are truly only two levels of goggles, beginner and advanced. Beginner goggles will be made out of a plastic material and be relatively very affordable. Once you are ready to step up to the next level, you will want to find a pair that fits and feels great. Your young athlete will grow quickly through this intermediate stage so you will want to also consider find a pair that can grow with her through a flexible frame and plenty of adjustment room in the straps.



We hope that this buying guide has helped while shopping for your young athlete competing at the intermediate level. If you still have some questions, please feel free to reach out to us on Instagram or Twitter. Also, make sure to subscribe to our emails so you can stay up to date on the latest product releases and sale opportunities.