Thompson Brothers Shooting Drill

Bub’s Shooting Drill with Thompson Brothers Lacrosse

The Thompson Brothers have become wildly popular in the lacrosse world in the past few years for their creative playing style. Throwing countless behind the back passes and one handed shots, they play freely as they believe the game should be played. This style of play isn’t normally taught as most coaches focus predominantly on the fundamentals of straight overhand shots and passes in order to have the most precise and consistent game.

Although the Thompsons play with eccentricity, they also play with precision and consistency because they have spent countless hours in their backyard perfecting their craft. Their father, Jerome Thompson Sr., has played a fundamental role in their development as elite athletes by introducing them to certain drills such this one they have dubbed Bub’s Drill.

To break down the video, Lyle explains how Bub’s drill not only helps improve your quick release but also gets rid of bad habits. You can perform this drill with a group or run through it yourself with a rebounder or wall. As in most sports like basketball and football, athletes take up to two steps to get set for a shot or pass and the same goes in lacrosse. The point of Bub’s drill is to make sure you are taking those steps in preparation for receiving the ball so that you can get your shot off the instance you get the rock. This reduces the time the goalie will have to read your shot and prepare for the save.

To take this drill a step further, you will want to number the areas of the goal (top left = 1, top right = 2, etc.) in order to provide targets for the shooter. As the shooter is receiving the ball you will call out a number, giving them a specific target to shoot at. This will ultimately help improve accuracy and the player’s ability to react quickly.

Thompson Brothers Shooting Drill

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