2016 Shafts for Attack

2016 Shafts for Attackmen

When it comes to picking out the right handle for your stick, there are a number of factors to consider. Although it ultimately comes down to personal preference, most manufacturers design their handles with a particular player type in mind. Besides the distinct differences in a defensive and offensive shaft, some of the key features that classify which handle is best suited for a particular position are; shape, grip and strength. In some cases, flex also plays a meaningful role in deciding which handle best suits your game.

For an attackman, you truly are looking for a shaft that offers a premium blend of lightweight with strength. There is no question that you will be hacked to no end when possessing the ball so it is crucial to have a handle that can deal with the abuse. For some attackmen, like Steele Stanwick, the strength aspect of the shaft outweighs that of the weight because they know they need to depend on their stick throughout weeks and months of games. Besides weight and strength, brands are manufacturing specific shapes and grips per player profile. For an attackman, the trend is moving towards a concave shape to provide the player with more control on their fingertips as they very nimbly throw numerous stick fakes in front of the goalie with hopes to bury the biscuit.

Listed below are a few of the top shafts for 2016 that fit the bill for an attackman. These shafts will fit the needs of any playing style for an attackmen from lightweight with a distinct grip for inside movements or tough and sturdy to handle any abuse from opposing defenses.


Nike Vapor Elite

The redesigned Nike Vapor Elite shaft now comes with a unique pinched octagon profile which allows any attackman to throw head turning stick fakes with minimal finger and hand movement. The new profile packed with a mild sandblasted finish will provide any player ultimate control. Constructed with a Scandium alloy, the Vapor Elite handle also comes in as one of Nike’s lightest on the market.

Nike Vapor Elite

Epoch Gen. 6 Dragonfly C30 IQ5

The new Epoch Gen. 6 Dragonfly is the lightest and strongest handle in the Epoch arsenal. Now engineered with Torque Box technology, the level of consistency in play has been tremendously increased. For the attackman that is more known for their inside play versus their outside shooting, the IQ5 version of the Dragonfly provides the lowest level of flex which with give you a sturdier feel when trying to make pin point plays.

Epoch Gen 6 Dragonfly

STX Surgeon Sc-Ti

For 2016, STX has redefined the Surgeon shaft line now introducing the new Precision Profile. This profile features an extreme concave octagon that provides superior finger and thumb placement for enhanced control in your hands. The new SC-TI model also comes in 7% lighter than previous models taking care of any concern for a lightweight handle.

STX Surgeon Sc-Ti

Under Armour Armour Grip

As we mentioned above, some attackmen prefer a sturdier handle over a lightweight model so they can trust it can withstand anything thrown at it. Under Armour athlete, Steele Stanwick, is one of those attackmen that values being able to truly feel your stick through any movement. The Armour Grip also offers a unique checkered grip at the top and bottom of the handle for improved one handed control.

Under Armour Armour Grip

Brine RP3 King Magnum

Brine has teamed up with superstar attackman, Rob Pannell to produce a pro-level shaft that is not only lightweight but extremely durable. For 2016, Brine introduces a few new looks to the RP3 line while also providing the same high quality product.

Brine RP3 Magnum

Warrior Burn

The Warrior Burn shaft series take a page out of the history books by utilizing their ever popular Kryptolyte material and constructing it in their Speed Die Shape. This shaft shape provides a more traditional feel with rounded edges for natural rotation while cradling. For 2016 we have teamed up with Warrior to design an exclusive USA themed Burn shaft so you can show off your patriotic pride while on field.

Warrior Burn USA

Now that you’ve read through our list of 2016’s best shafts for attackmen, let us know what you think below in the comments.


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