2016 Protective Equipment for Midfielders

Before you strap on your protective equipment, you’ll need to make a decision on what brand, what type and what style of gear that best suits your game. One way to do this is to take into account what position you play on field as they each require a different level of protection, range of motion and style to make sure you’re playing your best at that position. That’s why we are breaking down the protective equipment for 2016 and detailing which item from gloves to arm pads and shoulder pads best fits what position player.

By definition, midfielders run the field. You’ll be required to regulate your opponents on the defensive end while coordinating plays on the offensive side. That being the case, you’ll need protective equipment to suit the needs of both sides of the field. It’ll be important to have the flexibility that defensemen look for as well as a high level of protection that attackmen need to safeguard themselves from the opposition.


When picking out a pair of gloves knowing that you’re going to be on the go constantly, it’s important that they have a nice snug fit and can freely move with you. That is why for midfielders we recommend the Warrior Rabil gloves, the Under Armour Command Pro’s, the Nike Vapor’s, the adidas Berserker’s and the STX Cell III’s. The new TotalFLX Cuff system in the Rabil Glove is designed to give you a level of mobility not seen before in a lacrosse glove. Under Armour’s Command Pro gloves are an upgrade from the original Command’s as they now have a completely new and tighter fit that pairs very well with their single suspension pad on the backhand. The adidas Berseker glove is new to the market and is constructed with their extremely lightweight EVA Foam that will not weigh you down. The Nike Vapor, Brine King V and STX Cell III gloves are trusted names in the lacrosse game and come into 16 with a new look and upgraded features in the palms that provide unbelievable feel and control in any game situation.

Midfield Gloves

Arm Pads

In a similar fashion to our glove recommendations, it’s important to find a pair of arm pads that will not slip, that are flexible and that give you enough protection to take on any challenge. That is why we selected just about all of the counter parts to each of our glove selections with the arm pad version of the Warrior Rabil, the Under Armour Command Pro, the Nike Vapor Elite, the adidas Berserker and the STX Cell III arm pads. Midfielders tend to favor arm pads as they are a great middle ground between the very flexible elbow pad and the highly protective arm guard.

Midfield Arm Pads

Shoulder Pads

When it comes to shoulder pads, midfielders tend to side with defensemen in the mentality of less is more. However, just as one midfielders game will vary from another so do the needs of the level of padding they will require. A midfielder who is always on the fly dishing out dimes on the run will value a higher level of mobility that comes with the Warrior Rabil or Maverik Rome RX3 shoulder pads. On the other hand, if you’re a heavy hitting midfielder who pulls from the football background and is apt to dropping their shoulder into an opponent, you’ll need some pads that possess some more coverage such as the Brine King V’s.

Midfield Shoulder Pads

For all of your protective equipment needs, no matter what position you play, at Lacrosse.com we are guaranteed to have all the necessary gear for you.