2016 Protective Equipment for Defensemen

Before you strap on your protective equipment, you’ll need to make a decision on what brand, what type and what style of gear that best suits your game. One way to do this is to take into account what position you play on field as they each require a different level of protection, range of motion and style to make sure you’re playing your best at that position. That’s why we are breaking down the protective equipment for 2016 and detailing which item from gloves to arm pads and shoulder pads best fits what position player.

As a defenseman you are really looking for the sweet spot of just enough protection that will keep you safe from pesky attackmen while also having a great deal of mobility to throw endless stick checks. That being the case, we recommend defensemen pay close attention to their glove selection and make sure they are getting the highest level of protection as their hands will endure the brunt of an attackman’s ride. When it comes to shoulder and arm pads, that is where you can go a bit lighter so you can get full range of motion in your arms so that over the head checks will be a breeze.


From the selection of 2016 gloves we recommend the Brine Triumph III, Under Armour Engage, and the Maverik Rome RX3 for defensemen. The Triumph III in the 3rd iteration now come with visible Skylight Caps over Aeroshield foam to help reinforce high impact zones and ward off any harm to the back of your hands. The brand new Under Armour Engage gloves, as most Under Armour gloves do, come with floating armour technology in the thumb area that gives you a great combination of mobility and protection. The Maverik Rome RX3’s now comes engineered with Maverik’s exclusive Poron XRD material in the thumb and forefinger that remains soft and flexible until it is attacked with a stick check which then it stiffens up and diverts any damage.

Defense Gloves

Elbow Pads

As mentioned above, arm protection is one are that defensemen prefer to go lighter on which is why elbow pads have become a favorite over arm pads or arm guards. For 2016 we recommend the Brine Triumph III arm pads, Maverik Rome RX3 Elbow pad, Nike Vapor Elite Arm Pad and the adidas Berserker elbow pad. Just like the gloves, the Rome RX3 elbow pads are injected with Poron XRD in the elbow caps that provides an unbeatable level of protection in such a crucial area. You’ll feel like you’re wearing next to nothing with the adidas Berserker elbow pad as it is constructed with their lightweight EVA foam. Although elbow pads are favored over arm pads most often, the Brine Triumph III’s and Nike Vapor Elites even in their slightly larger size still provide a great deal of mobility and are a great option for defensemen that tend to get their arms thrashed a bit more.

Defense Elbow Pads

Shoulder Pads

Being able to get full range of motion is important when trying to throw some nasty Rusty Gates or over the head checks without clipping your opponents helmet. That’s why we recommend the following shoulder pads: Under Armour Headline Elite, Brine Triumph III Speed Pad, Maverik Rome RX3 Speed Pad and adidas Berserker Speed Pad. Each of these pads have been stripped of all unnecessary material to make them slimmer than most pads while they have also bolstered the level of protection in key areas such as the chest and collar bone regions.

Defense Shoulder Pads

For all of your protective equipment needs, no matter what position you play, at Lacrosse.com we are guaranteed to have all the necessary gear for you.