2016 Protective Equipment for Attackmen

Before you strap on your protective equipment, you’ll need to make a decision on what brand, what type and what style of gear that best suits your game. One way to do this is to take into account what position you play on field as they each require a different level of protection, range of motion and style to make sure you’re playing your best at that position. That’s why we are breaking down the protective equipment for 2016 and detailing which item from gloves to arm pads and shoulder pads best fits what position player.

Attackmen are faced with an intimidating opponent as defensemen wield long poles used to slap, check, and poke in order to steal the ball from you. With that level of bashing you’ll need to suit up in extremely protective equipment. Although not all attackmen find themselves on the crease in the middle of traffic, it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure your arms, hands and shoulder live to see another day.


Typically when you think of equipment having a high level of protection you would associate that with bulkiness. However, that is not the case at all with our picks for gloves for attackmen in 2016. Each pair brings to the table an elevated level of technology in their protection which allows them to stay fluid giving you the freedom of mobility you desire. This is especially true with the new STX Surgeon 500 gloves as they’ve combined a single padding piece construction with their Iso thumb technology to give you a supreme fit and a 360 degree rotation. The Maverik Rome RX3’s are engineered with their unique speed fit that gives you a close to body feel and also comes packed with their exclusive Poron XRD padding which typically remains flexible until pressure is added. The staple names in our line up are the Nike Vapor Elite and Brine King V which have proven themselves to be some of the game’s most popular mitts. For 2016 they both come in with a revamped look but also a new level of sophistication with improved palms and a 4 part cuff system on the Nike’s that give you next level mobility.

Attack Gloves

Arm Pads

From the three types of arm pads, it is the arm guard that is the most common choice for attackmen due to their extended coverage. The one handed cradle is a fundamental skill for attackmen which gives you a need advantage over your defenseman but it also leaves your free arm open for a thrashing. The arm guard versions of the Brine Triumph III, Brine King VUnder Armour Command Pro arm pads and the Under Armour VFT are perfect options to battle such harassment as they provide an unbelievable amount of arm insurance while staying flexible. If you’re an attackmen that spends more of his time on the outskirts looking to feed the crease or take that unexpected outside shot, then a superbly protective arm pad will do just the trick. For this we recommend the Maverik Rome RX3 arm pads with their Poron XRD technology that stiffens up and deflects any defensive onslaught.

Attack Arm Pads

Shoulder Pads

The high level of protection you require as an attackman doesn’t just stop with the gloves and arms as having a supremely padded shoulder can go a long way. All shoulder pads come with various parts and pieces that can be removed to fit your needs but at their core the Under Armour Command Pro shoulder pads, the Brine Triumph III shoulder pads and the adidas Berserker shoulder pads all will give you peace of mind next time you tip toe the crease. But as we mentioned before, not every attackman lives around GLE but would rather stick to the outside as a feeder and for those players we would recommend the Nike Vapor Elite shoulder pad liner as its anatomical fit with stay flush to your body and will shift with your every movement.

Attack Shoulder Pads

For all of your protective equipment needs, no matter what position you play, at Lacrosse.com we are guaranteed to have all the necessary gear for you.