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Lacrosse Goals/Rebounders

Lacrosse goals are 6' X 6' and made out of metal with a net that attaches to the metal pipes. Practice lacrosse goals or backyard lacrosse goals are good for practicing lacrosse at home. Lacrosse practice goals are light and portable to take anywhere and are easy to set up. Official lacrosse goals are heavy to withstand all the shots and not move. Usually official lacrosse goals have thicker nets than practice lacrosse goals but thicker nets can also be attached to practice lacrosse goals.
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Backyard Practice Goal with 2.5 mm Net

$119.99 SAVE $40.00!

FoldFast LaxStop


Bownet Women's 8m Arc


STX Backyard Lacrosse Goal with 2 mm Net


Brine Virginia Collegiate Lax Rebounder Wall

$199.99 SAVE $84.00!

Bownet Portable Women's Crease


FoldFast Green Goal Lacrosse Goal (5mm net)


STX Multi-Postition Rebounder


Brine Lax Wall Rebounder - Carolina Blue

$199.99 SAVE $66.00!

STX Net Super Duty Single - 6 mm


Goal Sporting Goods Pro Yellow Training Rebounder


Official Lacrosse Goal


Maverik 4mm Goal Net Only


STX Ball Wall


Rebounder Goal


Maverik Practice Goal


STX Backyard Goal

$129.99 SAVE $5.00!

STX Bounce Back Target


Goal Sporting Goods Official Super Goal

$499.99 SAVE $63.00!

STX Folding Backyard Goal 4' x 4'


STX Folding Backyard Goal 6' x 6'


Goal Sporting Goods Pro Yellow Practice Goal


STX High School Game Goal


Bownet Bow - Lax Full Size Goal


36 products Sort by:
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