Lacrosse Protective Equipment

There is only one goalie on a lacrosse field. The goalie's job is to save the ball. The goalie uses a head specifically designed for saving shots. Goalie heads are taller and a lot wider than all the other positions' heads. Goalies also use a s goalie shaft (40" shaft). The goalie's pocket is also deeper than everyone else's pocket to keep the ball from bouncing out of the stick when saving a shot. The goalie does not wear any elbow pads to allow maximum mobility to save tough shots. All goalies are required to wear a throat guard and a chest protector and a protective cup.
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STX Stinger Chest Protector Small

$34.99 SAVE $10.00!

Warrior Tool Box - Goalie Nutt Hutt

$59.99 SAVE $6.00!

Reebok 3K Arm Pad - XXS, XS

$9.99 SAVE $22.00!

Maverik M3 Goalie Glove


Brine Money Body Pad

$44.99 SAVE $27.00!

Brine Triumph Goalie Lacrosse Glove 13"

$166.99 SAVE $10.00!

Warrior Goalie Throat Kit


STX Shield Pro 13" Goalie Glove


Cascade Lexan Goalie Throat Guard


STX Stinger Chest Protector Large

$34.99 SAVE $15.00!

Warrior Lockdown Leg Pads

$41.99 - $54.99 SAVE $6.00!

Warrior Regulator Chest Pad


Cascade Goalie Throat Guard


STX Shield Pro Chest Protector


Sport Helmet Lacrosse Plastic Throat Protector


Warrior Burn Goalie Guard


STX Shield Pro 12" Goalie Glove


Brine Eraser II Body Pad

$99.99 SAVE $28.00!

Maverik Wonderboy Chest Protector


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