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Under Armour Lacrosse Shafts

Lacrosse shafts or lacrosse handles come in different lengths depending what position you play. Attack and midfielder shafts measure 30", goalie shafts 40" and defensive shafts measure 60" in length. Most shafts are octagonal in shape and can be used universally on lacrosse heads from any brand. Almost all lacrosse shafts are made from alloy materials, which simply means a combination of metals to produce the highest strength-to-weight ratio. Generally, the lighter the lacrosse shaft the less durable it will be in terms of performance. Many shafts are now available with gripping elements that help with stick control during adverse weather and don't require tape application. Find out more information on lacrosse shafts
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Under Armour  Iroquois SC-1X 30"

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UA Armour Grip 30


UA Armour Grip 40 Shaft


UA 7000 30


UA Charge 60


UA Command 30


UA Charge 30


UA SC-1X 30


UA 1X 30


UA 7000 60 Shaft


UA Armour Grip 60 Shaft


Under Armour USA Armour Grip 30"

$99.99 SAVE $40.00!

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