Lacrosse Protective Equipment - M

The defense is made up of three defenders. At the youth level, defenders use short sticks (30" shafts), from middle school and up, defenders play with long sticks (60" shafts). The defense can only play in the defensive half of the field. Typical defenseman are tall and strong, which helps to keep attackmen from scoring goals. Since defenders do not take very many checks, most use very short arm pads. A defender's job is to not let offensive players score a goal. A defender does this by checking an offensive player's stick to try to dislodge the ball and also use his body to check a player.
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Brine King IV Mid Shoulder Pad - (USA)

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Brine King IV Arm Pad

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Brine Lopro Superlight Arm Pad

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Warrior Burn Arm Pad 13

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STX Assault Arm Pads

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Brine Lopro Superlight Def Arm Pad

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Gait Pro Lite Beginner Kit


STX Cell II Defense Arm Pad

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STX Cell II Shoulder Pad Liner

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Warrior Regulator Elbow Pad


Maverik Maybach Deuce Defense Elbow Pad

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STX Cell II Arm Pad

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STX Shadow Shoulder Pad

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Nike Vapor Elite Shoulder Pad Liner

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STX Shadow Arm Pad

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Warrior Rabil Series Arm Pad 13

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Reebok 3K Arm Pad - S, M

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Warrior Players Club Limited 11 Arm Pad

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Nike Vandal Armpad

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STX Jolt Arm Pad

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Maverik Rome Speed Shoulder Pad


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