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Lacrosse - Grey

There is only one goalie on a lacrosse field. The goalie's job is to save the ball. The goalie uses a head specifically designed for saving shots. Goalie heads are taller and a lot wider than all the other positions' heads. Goalies also use a s goalie shaft (40" shaft). The goalie's pocket is also deeper than everyone else's pocket to keep the ball from bouncing out of the stick when saving a shot. The goalie does not wear any elbow pads to allow maximum mobility to save tough shots. All goalies are required to wear a throat guard and a chest protector and a protective cup.
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Brine Scandium 40"

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Epoch Dragonfly R40 Gen. 4 40"


STX Amp 13 40"

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Brine Clutch 40"


UA 7000 40"


Brine A6000 40"

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UA Armour Grip 40" Shaft


Gait Ice 40"

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Warrior Analog 6000 40"

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Warrior Burn Pro Diamond 40"


Warrior Burn Goalie Guard


StX Shield 7075 40"


STX Shield SC 40"


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