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STX Lacrosse Protective Equipment

STX Lacrosse was founded in 1970 by former All-American John Hopkins Lacrosse player Richard Tucker. STX created the first synthetic (plastic) lacrosse head in 1970, which changed the game forever. Over the last 40 years, STX has expanded and offers a full line of lacrosse equipment and apparel. Today, STX lacrosse sticks are some of the most popular on lacrosse fields world-wide. STX lacrosse gloves, arm pads and shoulder pads can be spotted on some NCAA Championship teams including Syracuse, Johns Hopkins and North Carolina. STX Lacrosse gear is worn and designed by lacrosse legends Kyle Harrison, Max Ritz, Anthony Kelly and Sam Bradman.
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STX Cell III Gloves


STX Cell III Arm Pads


STX Cell III Shoulder Pads


STX Valor Shinguard


STX Stallion 100 Helmet


STX  Stallion 500 Helmet


STX  Stallion 100 Shoulder Pad

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STX Stinger Shoulder Pad - XXS

$9.99 SAVE $26.00!

STX Contour Shinguard


STX 4Sight+ Goggle - Adult

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STX Stinger Arm Pad Small

$14.99 SAVE $10.00!

STX  Stallion HD Arm Guard


STX Cell III Arm Guards


STX 4Sight Form Goggle


STX Stallion HD Glove


STX K18 Glove


STX Stallion 100 Arm Pads

$34.99 SAVE $19.00!

STX Stallion 100

$49.99 SAVE $20.00!

STX Stallion HD Shoulder Pad


STX 4sight View


STX Cell III Shoulder Pad Liner


STX Stinger Lacrosse Glove 12"

$19.99 SAVE $21.00!

STX Cell 100 Gloves


STX Stallion HD Arm Pad


STX Cell 100 Shoulder Pads


STX Cell 100 Arm Pads


STX Shadow Shoulder Pad

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STX 4Sight+


STX Shield Pro Goalie Glove


STX Shadow Glove

$109.99 SAVE $76.00!

STX K18 Shoulder Pads

$79.99 SAVE $10.00!

STX 4Sight Pro Goggle

$64.99 SAVE $7.00!

STX Shield Goalie Gloves


STX Breeze Lightweight Women's Glove


STX Shield Pro Chest Protector


STX 4Sight+ Youth Google


STX Stinger Arm Pad Large

$14.99 SAVE $13.00!

STX Shield Chest Protector


STX Goalie Pant


STX  K18 Arm Pads

$44.99 SAVE $10.00!

STX Shadow Arm Pad

$59.99 SAVE $48.00!

STX Deluxe Goalie Pant


STX Shadow Arm Guard


STX Frost Winter Women's Glove


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