Brine Lacrosse Accessories

Brine Lacrosse was founded in 1922 as a sporting goods equipment and uniform company in New England. Over the past 90 years Brine has been an industry leader in lacrosse protective equipment, heads, shafts, apparel as well as lacrosse accessories such as goals and rebounders. In the '90s Brine introduced and patented the first offset lacrosse head, which revolutionized the way the game is played. Today, Brine Lacrosse sponsors many top NCAA including recent National Champions Loyola and Duke University as well as Major League Lacrosse. Brine Lacrosse is the brand choice for professional players Ned Crotty, Kevin Leveille, Kevin Buchanan and Scotty Rodgers.
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Brine NFHS Lacrosse Ball

$1.49 SAVE $0.50!

Brine NOCSAE Lacrosse Ball


Brine Clutch Mini Stick with Ball

$19.99 SAVE $2.00!

Brine NOCSAE/NFHS Lacrosse Ball


Brine NOCSAE/NFHS Case of Balls

$218.99 SAVE $31.00!

Brine Women's Scorebook


Brine Women's headbands - HEADstrong


Brine Clutch Glow Mini Stick


Brine Jetpack Backpack

$64.99 SAVE $26.00!

Brine Blueprint Backpack


Brine NOCSAE Case of Balls

$218.99 SAVE $21.00!

Brine NOCSAE Color Lacrosse Ball


Brine NOCSAE Neon Lacrosse Ball


Brine Neon Purple Lacrosse Ball

$3.99 SAVE $2.00!

Brine Vantage II Goggle

$29.99 - $36.99 SAVE $7.00!

Brine Mini Lacrosse Goal Set


Soft Sponge Ball


Brine Women's headbands


Brine Women's Stick Bag


Brine Headstrong 2 Pack King End Cap


Brine Magnus Extra Large Equipment Bag

$74.99 SAVE $27.00!

Brine Expedition Duffle Backpack

$44.99 SAVE $23.00!

Brine Women's headbands - Neon


Brine Women's headbands - Blue/Pink


Brine Women's Scorebook


Brine Scorebook


Brine King 2 Color Endo Pack


Brine Coaching Clipboard


Brine Quick Net Fasteners


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