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Lacrosse Cleats - 8.5

Lacrosse cleats are essential for every lacrosse player. Lacrosse cleats maximize traction to allow lacrosse players to cut and dodge without slipping. Things to look for in a lacrosse cleat are breathability, light weight and a good fit to prevent your foot from slipping inside the cleat. Lacrosse cleats can come in a low (usually below the ankle) or in a mid (above the ankle). Metal spikes are not allowed in lacrosse so most lacrosse cleats come with hard plastic studs. Most lacrosse cleats are designed to play on turf and grass fields, however some cleats are designed specifically for turf and usually have small rubber studs.
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Nike Huarache V Lax - Metallic Silver/White


Nike Huarache V Lax - Navy/White


Nike Huarache V Lax - Royal


Nike Huarache V Lax - White


Under Armour Speedform MC - White


Nike Women's Speedlax 5


Under Armour Women's Finisher II MC


Warrior  Adonis 2.0 - White/Orange

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Under Armour Speedform CRM FG

$109.99 SAVE $110.00!

Under Armour Speedform CRM FG - Limited Edition Military Camo


Under Armour Speedform FG

$59.99 SAVE $60.00!

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