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Cascade Lacrosse

Cascade Lacrosse was founded in 1986 and has grown to be the leading manufacturer of both youth and adult lacrosse helmets and women's goggles. Cascade helmets are currently being used by top NCAA men's lacrosse programs as well as the LXM Pro Tour and Major League Lacrosse. The Cascade Pro7, CPX-R and R helmets continue to lead the way in lacrosse performance and technology. Cascade Lacrosse prides itself on heritage, innovation and the fact that their gear is made in America. The Cascade R Helmet made its debut in the 2013 NCAA Men's Lacrosse Tournament and was worn by the North Carolina, Syracuse, Maryland, Ohio State, Notre Dame and Cornell lacrosse teams.
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Cascade CPV-R Helmet


Cascade Pro7 Mohawk Decal

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Cascade Pro7 Visor Decal

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Cascade CS-R Youth Helmet


Cascade Pro7 Vent Cover Decal Set

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Cascade R Mohawk Decal


Cascade Lexan Goalie Throat Guard


R Helmet


Cascade Lacrosse Helmet Panels


Cascade Pro 7 Back Panel Decal

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Cascade Hard Shell Chin Strap


Cascade Back Panel Stripe

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Cascade Poly Air Women's Goggles


Cascade Spider Pack


Cascade Vent Stripes


Cascade Poly Pro Women's Goggles


Cascade R Vent Cover


Cascade Poly Arc Titanium Women's Goggles


Cascade Goalie Throat Guard


Cascade R Back Panel


Cascade Poly Arc Women's Goggles


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