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Lacrosse Balls

Lacrosse balls are made out of rubber and have to meet either NCAA or NFHS specifications. Beginning in 2014, all lacrosse game balls at every level will be required to meet NOCSAE standards. Lacrosse balls come in many colors, but white lacrosse balls are used for men's lacrosse and yellow balls are used for women's lacrosse. It is vital for any lacrosse player to have a bucket of lacrosse balls to go to a field and shoot or practice on a wall. Some lacrosse balls are specifically created to help a player's reaction. There are also soft lacrosse balls so that players can shoot without breaking any windows. Over time lacrosse balls will lose their grip and therefore throw differently. These lacrosse balls are called "greasers", "shiners" or "gumballs."
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Brine NOCSAE/NFHS Case of Balls

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Brine NOCSAE/NFHS Lacrosse Ball

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Soft Sponge Ball

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Guardian Pearl Premium Lacrosse Ball


Bucket of Balls -NOCSAE/NFHS

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Bucket of Balls - NOCSAE

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Bucket of Balls (NOCSAE/NFHS)

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Veloce 2 lb Medicine Ball


Veloce Reaction Ball


Veloce 6 lb Medicine Ball


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