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Women's Goggles

Women's lacrosse is extremely different from men's lacrosse. In women's lacrosse there are no lacrosse pads or lacrosse helmets because there is no body checking. The only check allowed in women's lacrosse is the stick check, away from the players head. Female lacrosse players cannot check the stick when it is near the opposing player's head or what is considered 'in the bubble'. However, all female lacrosse players are required to wear lacrosse goggles and some women's lacrosse players wear padded lacrosse gloves to protect their hands. For each women's lacrosse team there are 12 players on the field. A women's pocket is almost the equivalent to a men's traditional pocket but with very little pocket depth. In order for the lacrosse stick to be legal, the lacrosse ball must not fall below the first sidewall. A women's lacrosse field is 110 yards long and 60 yards wide. There are two semi-circles that are 12 meters and 8 meters from the goal.
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Cascade Poly Pro Women's Goggles


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STX 4Sight Pro Goggle

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Cascade Poly Air Women's Goggles


STX 4sight View

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STX 4Sight Focus Goggle


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