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  1. Erin Go Bragh
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Erin Go Bragh

In Ireland, St. Patrick's is a national holiday - banks are closed, folks get to stay home from work and kids don't have to go to school.

This year, let's follow suit and really honor St. Patrick's Day. Let's spend all day at the pub, dye all the fountains green, have mile-long parades and generally celebrate the land of the green. As the saying goes, "Everyone's Irish on March 17."

What?!? The boss won't let you off? Moms and pops won't let you skip school? Your sig. other thinks you already spend too much time at the pub?

Well then, this tee is a excellent and respectable way to celebrate the great holiday. Wear it with pride on March 17 and any other time you could use a little luck of the Irish.

100% cotton.

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