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Med Ball Madness: The Ultimate Medicine Ball DVD

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  1. Maximize the Medicine Ball
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Maximize the Medicine Ball

with Tim McClellan, (M.S., C.S.C.S.)

and Jeff Decker

67 different exercises to enhance performance! McClellan, who has trained hundreds of athletes to success at all levels, provides the most innovative and effective medicine ball exercises ever - and they can be modified to work with any athlete, in any sport, at any level!

Part 1 -Medicine Ball Warm-up Exercises (5)

Part 2: Abdominal Exercises (5)

Part 3: Low Back Exercises (4)

Part 4: Rotational Twisting (7)

Part 5: Strength Exercises (7)

Part 6: Explosive Movements for Power (15)

Part 7: Partner Tosses (6)

Part 8 Sport Specific Drills (14)

Part 9: Combination Drills for speed, agility, and quickness (5)

44 minutes. 2003.

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