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Becoming a Champion Athlete: Mastering Pressure

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No pressure

There is no question that the "edge" often goes to the athlete that has learned to perform under pressure. In this 3-part mental training DVD, Greg Dale offers invaluable information that will better equip you to handle pressure situations by not allowing pressure to interfere with performance. In Part 1, "Dealing with Pressure", Dale teaches you how to better understand pressure and shares ways to make the best choices when pressure situations arise. Part 2, "Trusting Your Instincts", offers six valuable tools for self-empowerment when dealing with pressure. Part 3, "Embracing Pressure Situations", shares how to look at the positive side of pressure as well as how to learn from experiencing pressure situations. Mastering Pressure Situations! will help you take control of a pressure situation rather than allowing a pressure situation to control you. 34 minutes.

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