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Full Field Transition/Half Field Unsettled: Drills for Unsettled Situations

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  1. Transition basics
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Transition basics

Coach Kevin Corrigan presents full field and half field transition philosophies and breaks down "some of the best transition and unsettled drills that he has ever seen." Corrigan's teaching begins with the two-on-one recovery drill and a two-on-one live ball drill that makes players react and attack the net. Also included are spacing and transition drills. Next, he presents the defense to offense scheme. This occurs after a save or a shot is taken on the defensive end. Corrigan also includes the full field scramble, which involves many players at once. In all, this DVD is loaded with 14 drills. Multiple situations and repetitions are the benefits of these drills, which are done in a short amount of time. Coaching can be done before and after the drills, with an emphasis on repetition. 57 minutes.

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