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10K 5.0.5 Unstrung Lacrosse Head

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  1. Cut through the Air
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Cut through the Air

Speed Ports in scoop and throat give maximum air-flow which allows for harder shot speed. Pro-Offset head provides excellent ball control and protection while allowing for optimum load for shooting. Ergonomic sidewall design for streamlined performance.

PlayerPro-Pinched profile for optimum ball control and less ball rattle. Rounded scoop design for easy scooping. Stringing Groove in Speed Ports for easy, unobstructed stringing. Scooped head construction allows for multiple pocket locations and an extremely quick release.

Narrow V-Shaped scoop keeps the ball channeled when shooting and passing and allows for extreme accuracy. New pattern infused design makes this one of the most stylish heads on the market. New molded Ball Stop gives extreme ball cushioning.

Legal for play at all levels.

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