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Odorbalance Cleaning Kit

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To keep all your new and used gear clean and odor free! Includes a scrub brush and one bottle each of OdorBalance Laundry Pro, Defense, Offense and Overtime.

OdorBalance Laundry Pro is a premium detergent engineered for athletes and their moms. It cuts though stains and provides long-lasting odor protection. 100% free of perfumes and dyes. Eco friendly and hypoallergenic. Maintains wickability of high performance fabrics. 32 fl. oz.

OdorBalance Offense & Defense Combo:

Offense is an odor eliminating cleaner that is formulated to provide effective cleaning and deodorization of all protective gear. 16 ounces.

Defense delivers long-lasting protection from odors and their sources. 16 ounces.

This powerful cleaning system will keep your gear fresh for up to a whole season!

OdorBalance Overtime is a long-lasting surface protector. It's an spray that quickly and easily eliminates odors. 8 ounces.

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