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Gary Gait: Coaching Lacrosse Skills U11 Boys DVD

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  1. Learn from the best, Gary Gait
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Learn from the best, Gary Gait

Lacrosse legend Gary Gait calls on his vast experience to provide you expert coaching instruction for Boys U11 lacrosse. Coach Gait is a big believer in line drills because players are on the move while executing these drills. He teaches his players to to keep the stick up and provide a target while catching on the run. Another basic skill is ground balls. A low, athletic stance is needed while players scoop up the ball on the run. Dodging is a skill taught by Gait, and is executed as a fake defense after passing. Other offensive concepts presented are popping the receiving, give and go and setting a pick. Competitive drills include ground ball drills, ground ball passes, dodging with defenders and live one-on-one. On the defensive side, Gait covers the proper stance, changing direction with use of a drop step and narrowing the channel, which is a defensive tactic to shrink the offensive player's channel to the net. This is a complete set of teaching points and drills for coaching lacrosse with boys under 11!

30 minutes. 2007.

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